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 Dog Training Client References for Charleston, SC                            

Charleston's Dog Training In Your Home has an extensive list of clients.
Here are just a few of our references.

2003 Krista Kennedy:
"After failing out of group class, my vet recommended Dog Training In Your Home.
Our trainer stuck with us until Belle learned everything in the program. Now
she listens completely even with distractions"

2002 Wilburn & Margaret Brewer:
"When I took Louie for his shots the vet commented on how under control and
well behaved he is after your training.

2002 Neal & Suzy Hager:
"They say you get what you pay for. We fell the service goes beyond that, with
the personal one on one" attention you receive. This investment in our dogs has
been worth every penny. I would recommend your program to anyone."

2001 Peggy Wood:
"I am very happy with the results of the family pet training that I have received.
It was money well spent"

1999 Chris & Barbara Dickerson:
"The time and attention the trainer gave to our six year old daughter in explaining
and demonstrating the ways to handle daisy were greatly appreciated."

1998 Joe & Laverne Wlech:
"Heather is only six months old, but we now have a well-behaved young lady"

1996 Sheri Lynch (Link Radio Network):
"Best of all, the training was so easy, fun for me and the dogs, and was so
affordable that i can't believe I ever considered learning to live with their problem behavior."

1994 R. Matthews:
"After just one lesson with our trainer, I could see a difference in Chelsea.
She not only listened to Commands; she is also very well behaved.

1992 Rick Hendrick (Nascar):
"I was not only impressed with the professional way you trained Gunner Joe,
but also with the love and attention you gave him."

Other notable clients:
Dan Jansen - Olympic Gold Medalist Jay Bilas - ESPN Basketball Analyst
Mike Mintor - Carolina Panther Muhsin Mahammed - Carolina Panther
Steve Smith - Carolina Panther Mike Seidman - Carolina Panther
Benny Parsons - Nascar Dale Earnhardt - Nascar
Jimmie Johnson - Nascar Mrs. Bush "President Bushs' Grandmother
Pat McCory - Mayor of Charlotte, NC Lynn Wheeler - Charlotte City Council
Dallas McPherson - Los Angeles Angels Bobby Harrell - South Carolina Congressman

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