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How To Improve Your Dogs Behavior
Coming home to bad manners such as jumping all over you and the kids, playing biting, destructive behaviors and or housebreaking problems can be very frustrating

Dog Training In Your Home is the answer to these and many more behavioral issues. Our in home training will resolve problematic behavior. Any dog can be trained. Behaviors like Chewing, Barking, Jumping, Play Biting, House Training and many more are behaviors are a thing of the past. Our Training will eliminate these problems.

Over 28 Years of Professional Dog Training.

Established 1989, Dog Training In Your Home specializing in behavioral problem solving and obedience training. We are recommended by veterinarians in the Charlotte and surrounding area. Our reputation for getting the training done quickly and corectly is strong. What sets our training appart from others. First and foremost is the level of experience. We have been training dogs professionally since 1989. charlotte dog training

Dogs we train wait for permission to exit doorways , they walk calmly without pulling. Play with the kids without playbitng or jumping all over them. Will listen to commands and respect your home. Here are a few things they can learn.
  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Come
  • Place during Dinner
  • Avoid Problem Behavior

Your dog will be a big part of your family, having him/her well behaved will insure family tranquility. During family activites such as dinner, game or movie night and taking walks will be a joy when your dog joins these activities without being disruptive.

Our References:

Sheri Lynch - The training was esy, fun and affordable. I can't believe I considered living with their problem behavior.

Rick Hendrick - I was not only impressed with the professional way you trained Gunner Joe, but also witht he love and attention you gave him!

Phyllis Bird - I would highly recommend to anyone who is looking for training to consider this fine comany!

and thousands of others ...

The First Visit Is Free

The first step in having control over your dog is to begin with our free 22-point evaluation to determine your dog's temperament, personality and trainability. Using this information, in combination with your goals, our expert evaluator will design a custom program for you and your dog.

Call for your free evaluation today. 704-573-3647

Results Guaranteed
Methods of training: Positive Reinforcement, Negative Reinforcement, Negative Punishment and Negative Punishment these technical terms refer to different methods of training. Most dog trainers don't truly understand these terms and or the methods that are attached to each. Our Dog Training Instructors are required to be versed in all methods of training. Each and every dog is an individual. Attempting to use the same methods for all dogs is akin to using diesel fuel in every motor, that will not work. Matching the method of training to your dog is the single most important decision that must be made both on the onset of training and throughout the entire training process. We are able to assign the correct methods to your dog each time we work with them, this makes training more effective while reducing the amount of work required to accomplish your goals.

Your first visit is free, evaluating your dog is key to designing your dog training correctly. Call for your evaluation today. 704-573-3647
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Charlotte Dog Training | Dog Trainer Charlotte

Franchise mailing address:
Dog Training In Your Home
4702 W. Hwy 74
Monroe, North Carolina 28110

Phone Number: (704) 573-3647

Phone Number: (704) 296-0001

Mark and Leslie Thompson are the owners of the Mecklenburg and Union County Franchise. They are personally involved in all aspects of business operations.

Mark Thompson volunteers at Albermarle correctional facility as the training director for the new leash on life program. Rehabilitating Inmates and dogs, this program shows just one of the ways dogs give to the community.
Charlotte Dog Training is a great way of life. Dog Training Charlotte area has been great to my family and I.

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