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Dog Training In Your Home

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Dog Training In Your Home

Friday, July 21, 2017

We Train In Your Home for Important Reasons

Your dog will spend approximately 95% of its lifetime at home and surrounding neighborhood. For this reason, we feel the most logical place to train your dog is your home - it is where it is most comfortable and in many cases is the source of behavior problems. Our training is conducted at your convenience, in and around your home.
Obedience Training, Behavior Training and K-9 Good manners Training

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The first step in having control over your dog is to begin with our free 22-point evaluation to determine your dog's temperament, personality and trainability. Using this information, in combination with your goals, our expert evaluator will design a custom program for you and your dog. Click here to locate a trainer

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Does Your Dog Have Problems With...

  Play Biting
  Jumping On People
  Won't Come
  Leg Hiking
  Door Crashing
  Stealing Food
  Going Through
  Fence Jumping
  Car Sickness

Over 28 Years of Professional dog training.

When we start training your dog, we are not guessing at how to get results. Our systems of training have evolved over 28 years of training .. Proven Results.

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